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It all Began in 2000

Al Kiram in Benghazi based company established since October 20 th , 2000 . We are specialized in the distribution of personal care products and home care products for several internationally well known Companies like Dial Henkel USA, Trisa International (Switzerland), Conter Spa (Italy), Dr.beckmann ,cosnova GmbH, perfume holding ……..
Initially Al Kiram started selling house care, personal care and some oral care products. The distribution started in Benghazi and in villages around, and in a very short term was covering the most important cities in Libya (Tripoli, El Bida, Derna, Tobruk, Misarhat and Sabha).
With almost 16 years of experience in both toiletries and cosmetics and home care business and under the expertise of its managing director and dedicated staff, the company has progressed significantly with remarkable growth during these years. Our group sale is in exceeding of USD 14.6 millions.
Al Kiram has now extended its area of competence setting a new structure to distribute, also the selective products covering the axes of cosmetics and perfumes.
Our strength lies in the ability to handle the imports into Libya where duties, political bureaucracies and risk factors are very high. This combined with our expertise in distribution, gives us an added advantage over our competitors.
Our mission is to work with reliable partners in order to achieve a long term growth.
We would like to give you a brief description of our group and activities

al kiram group

History of the Company

Initially Al Kiram started selling Household cleaning products, Toiletries and Perfumes The distribution started in Benghazi and in villages around, and in a very short term was covering the most important cities in Libya ( El Bida, Derna, Tobruk, Misarhat and Sabha) and start in 2006 for food stuff to distributions over all Libyan Market.

al kiram group

Our Offices and Warehouses

Our main Building company is located in Benghazi, also we have Branch in Tripoli and The other office is in Misrahata The Group owns 3 warehouses In Benghazi, the most important is in Benghazi (just behind our office) with 2450 m 2 and other 2 very closed to our office each one at about 1 km from our office, with 2450 m 2 and 1800 m 2.
Now Alkiram Company start to build new buildings place for warehouse and Cold rooms with space round 10 000 m 2 in Benghazi Area, it will complete in 2014 And we have 2 warehouses in Tripoli with our wholesaler in Akramia Market, and in Misarhat, also we have a warehouse to distribute our goods there.

al kiram group

Organization / Personnel

The group has highly qualified and well-trained staff, with experience and a long presence in the market. Al Kiram has financial credibility and provides its client's after-sales service, customer satisfaction, and strong nationwide coverage. The Group has a regular staff of 57 employees of which 37 are focused on sales. Other sales representatives are cooperating with Al Kiram through different kinds of agreements.

al kiram group

Distributions coverage

Hypermarket, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Groceries, Perfumes Shops, and Wholesalers are served by our sales force and logistic frequently in order to be always in contact with the real needs of the Libyan Market.
we operate in two ways for the distribution in Libya: direct and indirect. with the direct approach, our salesmen contact and visit frequently every important customer.
with the indirect approach, the sales manager have frequent contacts with all wholesalers present in el Bida derma Tobruk sabha al marge The direct approach of distributing brought us to have direct contacts, through our sales force, with 405 pharmacies and 534 points of sales between Hypermarket, supermarket, groceries and other traditional stores.

al kiram group

Summary of trade channel covered

1. Perfume shops. 2. Cosmetics shops. 3. Hypermarkets, Supermarkets. 4. Groceries 5. Mothers and child requirements Shops 6. Pharmacies. 7. Wholesalers.

al kiram group

Our Objectives

1. Have a growth in our business by 19 % from 2012 to 2013. 2. Achieve higher market share through Increase presence within a point of sales in the region with our trucks & Increase the number of sales teams in each area & Increase Local and national advertisements and promotions. Informing the potential customers of the availability of our brands/products and
making the right information available to our target customers through the following
• Advertising (Newspaper, and many more) • Brochure • Promotions. • Billboard • Free of charge samples goods of our range of products. • Posters • Trade show • Banners

al kiram group

Companies represented in Libya Presently

Presently we represent and distribute in our market(through agency contracts) different companies from Italy, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland, England, France, Germany, and the USA.

al kiram group



Al Kiram in Benghazi based company established since October 20 th , 2000 .
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